The Blekinge Archipelago biosphere reserve


The Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve has been designated by the UN body UNESCO to preserve our unique natural and cultural heritage for generations to come. The name Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve refers to the area – our coast and archipelago – and to the organisation formed to manage it.

The non-profit organisation engages in projects aimed at sustainable development. By being an arena, a driving force and an intermediary, Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve is part of and inspires local solutions to important environmental and societal challenges, at a regional and global level. Balanced development, taking into account the needs of people and the environment, the economy and ecology, use and conservation, can make the biosphere reserve a role model to learn from to achieve a necessary transformation of society. Experiencing and travelling through the Blekinge archipelago in a sustainable way promotes flourishing communities, health and a sustainable tourism industry in the biosphere reserve. At the same time, closer bonds are forged between people and the natural world, and between Blekinge residents and our cultural heritage, contributing towards a more respectful approach to historic monuments, animals and nature. Welcome to the Blekinge Archipelago.

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A biosphere is the sum of all the earth’s ecosystems. The term refers to the thin layer that surrounds our planet that is home to biological life.


A group of islands, i.e. a number of islands located close to each other. If this involves a large number of islands, the term archipelago can be used. The Swedish word skärgård refers to an archipelago near the coast dominated by small islands and skerries.



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