About ARK56

Explore the Blekinge Archipelago. By land or sea.

ARK56 is a network of trails in the Blekinge Archipelago, designated a biosphere reserve by UNESCO for its unique natural and cultural heritage. The trails guide you through this fascinating area by bike, on foot, in a kayak or by boat, coming together at 13 hubs where you will find services and can swap mode of transport. The app helps you find everything from toilets and places to have a barbecue to gourmet restaurants and spas.

Discover, experience and explore the unique natural assets and rich cultural heritage here on the 56th parallel where fields and forests meet the sea. Get out in the open air for a short while, or a week. Make your way to the next hub, or all the way round an island. Set yourself a challenge or take it slow. It’s up to you.



Team ARK56

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Adress: Blekinge Arkipelag Kurpromenaden 4 372 36 Ronneby Web:



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