The Uppland Trail, section 18, 14.5 km


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Trail details

  • Length 14.5 km



Section 18, a detour from the northwestern part of The Uppland Trail, goes from Skekarsbo to Gysinge, where you can continue onto The Gästrikland Trail. Large parts go through national park Färnebofjärden, and nature reserve Gysinge, and you’ll pass many nice rest spots with wind shelters and fireplaces.
From Skekarsbo, you’ll walk northward to rest spot Brattnäset, and on to Kallviken. The trail then follows paths and gravel roads to the Långvindsängena Bog. Here and just after the bog, you can take two detours, one to a wind shelter with a view, and one to open lodge Kungsgårdens Fäbod.

Walking along a forest path, you’ll reach Sevedskvarn, before taking the road across River Dalälven out onto the island of Mattön. Turn right to follow the path along the water on the east side of the island, pass another two rest spots, and lastly cross the bridge into Gysinge. In Gysinge, there is a hostel, and places to eat.

Difficulty level: Medium, mostly forest paths, a few kilometres on a road.

Activities And Facilities

  • Hiking Hiking


Vandringen går längs lättgångna skogsstigar och grusvägar.


Parkering finns vid start och mål.


Det går inte att komma med buss till Skekarsbo. Från Gysinge finns buss mot Gävle, hållplatsen heter Gysinge brukshandel.

För bussnummer och tidtabeller, se www.xtrafik.se


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