Southeast long trip 90km - Bike around Motala


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  • Length 85.4 km



Experience a longer bike ride southeast of Motala. Start and finish are at Göta canal company house and you will cycle towards Skänninge, Marstad, Högby on to Öjebro and Normlösa to Skeppsås Church. When you pass Rimstad, you will come to an intersection where you can choose between two roads. If you cycle left at the intersection, you will cycle on a long gravel road, if you cycle right, the tour continues on asphalt. Then you pass Varv and then reach the finish line in Motala. On this tour you will see Greppstad burial ground, Högbystenen, Hospitalsruinen, Herrberga church and much more.

The tour proposal is inspired by the tours that were arranged at the Cycle Tourist Week 2014 in Motala. For more information about directions and sights along the way, read in the brochure about the Eastern tour via the link.

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