Östgötaleden - Godegård around


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Trail details

  • Length 10.4 km
  • Difficulty Blue - medium



This trail is great for those who want to see Godegård and its immediate surroundings. There is access to a changing room and a cabin. Take the opportunity to take a dip in Höksjön by Hökabadet, which is located right next to the trail in the northern part. There are jetties, toilets, firesite and tables. The trail also passes Godegård. In Godegård is Godegårds Säteri with buildings left from 1725. Take the opportunity to experience 250 years of Swedish history in a unique environment. There is also a porcelain museum, utility museum, wagon museum and even an herb garden.

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Godegårds samhälle, klubbstugan Krassbäck (skyltat ”skidstuga” från Godegårdsvägen), Hälla Ädellövskogs naturreservat samt Hökabadet (Höksjön)


Buss: Östgötatrafiken linje 628 www.ostgotatrafiken.se



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