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On the rocky soils, the pines are sparse and the sun easily finds its way to the already dry soils. During beautiful summer days, the dry reindeer lichen crackles under the boots. But in the sinks of the landscape, the ground becomes more moist and the air is filled by the sharp smell of wild rosemary (Rhododendron tomentosum). The feet spring against the soft surface of the white moss and the bog opens up in front of your eyes.

At the parking lot of Fågelmossen's nature reserve, there are two fireplaces, windbreak and information about the reserve. From here there is also a hiking trail through the nature reserves Fågelmossen, Hästtumla, Bromossen and Stora Boda.

The nature reserve is managed by Länsstyrelsen Östergötland.

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You can reach the reserve from the road that goes between Degerön and county road 211 to Tjällmo. From this road, turn south about 4 km east of Degerön or 5.5 km west of the exit from Tjällmovägen. The nearest bus stop is at county road 211.



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