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Runns norra öar

Nature reserve

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The nature reserve Runn's northern islands consists of Roxnäs headland and a dozen of the islands in our beautiful archipelago lake Runn. Most prominent are the three largest islands Dejstolen, Hellmansö and Hjärtklack. The islands invite for swimming and boating in the summer. You can also visit them and go exploring or picking berries and mushrooms. Bridges for boat docking are available at Hellmansö and Dejstolen. Suitable places for beach cuttings for canoeists and skaters are mainly along the beaches in the south facing position. Fishing is also popular in Runn, which is known for its fine pike fishing. Examples of other fish species that are found in Runn are perch, roach, gers, bream, veal, ruda, bonfire, broccoli, lake, snout and trout.

In winter, the reserve and Runn are transformed into a paradise for various winter activities. When the ice permits, a track is plowed for skating around the entire area. It starts and ends at the Hälsinggård Bridge and usually rounds the Dejstolen and passes near Roxnäs headland. Here you find barbecue areas and a bunker.

The forests on the islands are almost entirely dominated by pine, except in the fields on Hellmansö that were previously cultivated. Today, deciduous forest grows there. Along the southern side of the Dejstol, some real ancient figures grow. It is screwed, 350 to 400-year-old beasts, with rough branches. Here woodpeckers, forest pigeon, quay and raven nest.

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För att ta sig ut till öarna krävs egen båt eller kanot. Lämpliga ställen att utgå ifrån kan vara Hälsinggårdsbryggorna, Roxnäs udde eller båthamnen i Källviken. Där går att parkera både kortare och längre perioder. Gå iland får man göra överallt på öarna i reservatet utom vid privata tomter och bryggor.


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