Vandringsrundor Tärnö


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  • Length 5.4 km



A pleasant circular walk round Tärnö, the biggest and outermost (southernmost) island in the Hällaryd archipelago in Karlshamn. The island has about 40 properties varying in age, most of them only inhabited in the summer.

The island used to be a thriving community of farmers and fishermen and many traces of its past can be seen to this day, including net meadows where fishermen dried their nets and stone walls and overgrown stone cairns. Tärnö was an important pilot station in the first half of the twentieth century. In the same period the island did a flourishing trade in quarried cobblestones, which were shipped to places including Germany.

Enjoy the views from Drakaberget and beside the old lighthouse. The circular walks have several places to stop for a picnic and there are toilets by the archipelago ferry points.

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