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Stärnö-Boön naturreservat

Nature reserve

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Stärnö and Boön are one of Karlsham’s most important areas for outdoor recreation and walking. Wander through broadleaf woodland and pine forests, across rocky outcrops and along the coast with sea views. Giants’ cauldrons and glacial striations can be seen on the rocks by the shore. The area is also rich in history.

The Bronze Age cairn Högarö is at the highest point of Stärnö. In Sweden, the Bronze Age took place in about 1800–500 BCE. On the island of Boön there are important historic monuments reflecting the history of Karlshamn, including the site of the old shipyard (1658–1659), the Gamle skans fortifications and many traces of quarrying.

The nature reserve is at different levels from just over 50 metres above sea level, down to about 20 metres below sea level in the water surrounding the area. The forest on the Stärnö headland largely comprises broadleaf woodland (beech, oak, hornbeam) but a significant proportion, including Bålabacken to the south-east, is also dominated by pines.

Parts of the water down to a depth of 18 metres contains remains from the Yoldia period 11,600 to 10,700 years ago when the surface of the water was much lower than today. The term “Yoldia period” comes from the saltwater organisms migrating to the Baltic Sea, such as the Yoldia mussel.

Stumps of pine trees have been found on the sea bed, the remains of the pine forests that grew in the area during low-water in the Yoldia period. The underwater environment features a hard bottom with rocks and blocks, and areas with a sandy bottom. The vegetation comprises red algae, belts of bladder wrack and toothed wrack, and eelgrass.

The rules for the nature reserve are shown in the link below, but, for example, dogs must be kept on a lead other than when hunting as part of wildlife control, you may not drive a vehicle or cycle inside the reserve other than on the roads indicated, you may not ride a horse, pitch a tent or park a caravan or camper van overnight, or light a fire other than in a place provided for the purpose.

Source: County Administrative Board


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Turn off the E22 at the Karlshamn Väst junction and take road 29 over the roundabout and further south. Follow the signs and turn right towards Stärnö. There is a large car park at the swimming spot Stärnö Sandvik.

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