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Knösö naturreservat

Nature reserve

  • Municipality: ARK56
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The hilly terrain on the island of Knösö offers a varied natural landscape with pasture land, rocky outcrops and leafy woodland. It also features ancient monuments in the form of various stone graves.

The southern part of the area is a granite mountain ridge 20 metres high running north-south to the sea between the islands of Verkö and Säljö.
Oak and beech are the most common types of tree, but the area also has pine, birch, rowan and juniper bushes. There are beautiful pastures with oak, hazel, juniper and individual beech trees. The ancient grazing landscape is dotted with impressive giant oak trees with their wide canopies. Animals still graze here, which means that the land remains open, benefitting the huge, ancient trees and the pasture flora.

In the southern part of the reserve, there are two ancient monuments in the form of stone circles, and two propped stones, large blocks lying on smaller ones. These mark ancient graves.

The rules for the nature reserve are shown in the link below, but, for example, dogs must be kept on a lead, and you may not pitch a tent or moor a boat for more than 48 hours other than in designated sites, or light a fire other than in a place designated for the purpose.

Source: County Administrative Board


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Drive to Lyckeby, north-east of Karlskrona town centre. An unadopted road runs out to Knösö from here. The road is asphalted up to the boundary of the nature reserve and then continues as a gravel road through the nature reserve to Säljösund. There is parking in the northern part of the reserve and at Säljösund.

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