Right of public access


Sweden has a unique right to roam, the right for everyone to access the countryside. Sweden’s countryside is open to all, whether you live in Sweden or are simply visiting. We make use of this right of public access in many different situations and many different interests have to be taken into account.

Think of others

Sweden’s right of public access opens up amazing opportunities for you to walk, run, cycle, ride and ski in the countryside. But you can’t just do it anyhow. You must always take animals, the natural environment and other people into account.

Private land

You are allowed to enter other people’s land without asking permission but you are not allowed to cross the plot of land or garden immediately next to an inhabited building. This land does not need to be fenced off. You may not enter a field or meadow with newly sown, growing crops or other sensitive plants.

Sensitive periods

In spring and autumn, the paths are often soft, wet and muddy. Do not cycle on them at these times of year and take care when walking or running so as not to damage the ground. Be particularly careful in early summer as this is when birds will be nesting and the local fauna is easily harmed.


If there are lots of you doing the same thing, ask the land owner for permission and remember that you might cause damage due to sheer numbers.

Things to remember:

  • Don’t enter fields with newly sown or growing crops.
  • Don’t walk across anyone’s private plot of land or garden close to a house.
  • Take extra care when the paths are soft.
  • Be careful in early summer when birds are nesting.
  • Always ask the land owner for permission and take extra care if there are lots of you doing the same activity.

Watch a video explaining Sweden’s right of public access (English voiceover & subtitles)




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