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The Umeälven delta

Nature reserve

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Delta landscape in constant change

The Umeälven delta is made up of enormous quantities of sediment from the two mountain rivers, Umeälven and Vindelälven.

Wonderful habitat for birds

The delta and the surrounding alluvial plains are best known for their birds. Here you can see masses of geese, ducks and waders, particularly during the spring migration. At the end of April, thousands of gees can often be seen resting on the water and out on the fields, along with large flocks of cranes and whooper swans. As early as around midsummer, the delta hosts migrating birds on their way south, with curlews and whimbrels the first to arrive. During the warm, late summer days, you can look for birds of prey from Bergön and study the waders on the muddy banks of the delta.

Remember to respect the bird life and agriculture. Keep your dog on a lead and keep to the paths.

Stora Tuvan

A suspension bridge that is suitable both for wheelchairs and pushchairs means that Stora Tuvan is accessible from the car park. On the island, an accessible ramp passes through the lush deciduous woods out to the bird-watching tower. The ramp is also accessible for visually impaired people. If you keep following the ramp, you come to a hide at the tip of the promontory. In the bird-watching tower and in the hide, there is space to take a coffee break. These are also good bird-watching spots during the spring and autumn. Signposted from Obbolavägen.


Here you can enjoy a wonderful view over Västerfjärden and the rich bird-life during the spring and autumn. On the other side of Västerfjärden you can see the cows grazing. From the car park, a path that has been adapted for disabled visitors with an attendant leads up to a bird-watching tower and an accessible platform. The parking is situated adjacent to Obbolavägen.


Just north of Bergön, beyond the bridge, there is a small turning to the left. You can follow the path from the car park out to the observation point at Degernäsbäcken. Here you can enjoy the birds and the warm afternoon sun.


From the platform, you have a view over the southern part of Västerfjärden, with grazing animals and resting birds. The car park is located immediately after you have turned off Obbolavägen.

Stöcke coastal meadows and Sundshålet

After 15 May, you can follow the fields and the grazed coastal meadows up to the Stranden and Skäret wetlands, where you have excellent opportunities for bird-watching and seeing cattle. A duckboard path takes you out to a platform at Västerfjärden water’s edge. A nice spot for a coffee break, where the inquisitive cows may come close although not right up to you during the summer. There is another platform at Sundshålet offering views to the south.


The accessible platform on the bare rocky ground offers wonderful views over the whole of Österfjärden. On the eastern side of Holmen there is a wind shelter and a fire pit.


The winding ramp out to the bird-watching tower is easily accessible and runs through spruce forest, leafy deciduous woods, scrubland and across costal meadows. From the tower, you have an excellent view of the shallows and islands in Österfjärden. The bird-watching here is best after the thaw, in April-June. During the summer, the scrubland is filled with buzzing insect life. Villanäs is signposted from Holmsundsvägen.

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Umeälvens delta ligger söder om Umeå, följ Blå vägen i riktning mot Bergsboda.


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