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Nature reserve

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Sun-warmed cliffs by the sea

Most people probably associate Strömbäck-Kont with sun-warmed cliffs close to the sea, or with the sandy beach at Simphamn which, as well as offering a bathing spot, also has a protected harbour for leisure boats.

The reserve has a great deal to offer. Look for the cave at Våtöberget and at the same time take the opportunity to pick berries and mushrooms. If you are interested in geology, you will find traces of the inland ice here, such as glacial striations and shingle areas. Three uncommon rock types – gabbro, anorthosite and labradorite – can be found at Hatten lake. There is rich bird-life here, with goldeneyes, goosanders and black-throated divers.

Hot chocolate and a barbecue

Strömbäck-Kont is also charming in the winter, with ice-fishing, skiing, or why not just a mug of hot chocolate and a barbecue. In addition to the numerous paths, there are also wheelchair-friendly trails, making it easy for everyone to get to the one of the delightful barbecue areas. There is wood available at several of them, as well as outdoor toilets and areas to pitch your tent.

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From the E4 south of Umeå, turn off towards Norrmjöle. After 18 km, in Sörböle, you turn left towards Flakaskär. There are two car parks here. Alternatively turn left just south of Strömbäck and walk the 3 km path towards the sea.


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