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Nature reserve

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Gitsfjället nature reserve begins west of Gransjövägen road and includes everything from Gitsfjället mountain itself to virgin spruce forests and the jewel of the wetlands: Rapksvuome.

Rapksvuome’s bird-life

Rapksvuome, the mountain depression within Gitsfjället nature reserve, comprises a mosaic of wetlands and birch forest-clad drumlins and eskers. The area has an extremely rich bird-life and is very important for breeding waders. Broad-billed sandpipers, wood sandpipers, common snipes, common redshanks and many other species breed in Rapksvuome.

Calcium-rich alum shale and swamp woods

The spruce forests on the slopes are virgin forests. In several locations, particularly farthest to the east where the calcium-rich shale is now found, rich, lush spruce forests are home to species such as the alpine sow-thistle, the wolfsbane and the February daphne. In the brooks that run through the deep ravines in the alum shale, you can fine stones containing fossils, known as anthraconite. There is a very large amount of swamp woodland. These swamp woods are extremely important for biodiversity.

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