Lovö - The Fornstigen trail


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Trail details

  • Length 23.4 km



Observera att det för närvarande pågår omfattande vägarbeten i området (Förbifart Stockholm samt breddning av Ekerövägen) som kan påverka leder och ledstarter. Var beredd på att du kan behöva hitta alternativa vägar för att ansluta till lederna.

Var arbeten sker ser du här: https://trafiken.nu/stockholm/trafikinformation-for-ekero/


Welcome to the Fornstigen trail! This 20 km long trail is a hike through Lovö's rich history. You'll walk through an active agricultural landscape surrounded in fantastic natural areas with historical significance. Signs along the trail describe what people's lives were like in the past on Lovö.

The reserve is managed by the National Property Board (Statens fastighetsverket, SFV).

Activities And Facilities

  • Hiking Hiking
  • Walking Walking


You can get to the trail from several bus stops, such as Orangeriet, Kanton and Lovö Edeby, as well as the parking lots at Drottningholm Karusellplan, Kina slott, Lunda and Prästvik.


In order to protect the Lovö nature reserve, please respect the following rules.

Within the reserve, it is forbidden to:

  1. dig, cut, drill or in any other way damage bedrock, soil or stone,
  2. fell or damage living or dead trees or bushes,
  3. damage vegetation by digging up plants,
  4. bring unleashed dogs,
  5. ride horses on designated hiking trails,
  6. camp for more than two consecutive nights in a tent, motorhome, caravan or similar,
  7. moor a boat for more than two consecutive nights at the same beach (this rule does not apply to piers and marinas),
  8. put up permanent posters, signs or similar.


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Länsstyrelsen i Stockholm


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