Sörmlandsleden route 55 Gisekvarn - Trosa


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Trail details

  • Length 17.0 km
  • Difficulty Blue - medium



This stretch is one of Sörmlandsleden's longest. It starts with 3 km of woods over mossy hills into deep forests towards Ringsjön. At Dymossen after about a kilometer there is a shelter. Feel free to take a break or stay overnight, but be aware of the fire risk as there is no water available on site. From the hilltop overlooking the Baltic Sea you come to the farm Lugnet. In one of the houses there lived the wealthy singer Ulla Billkvist. Now an approximately 5 km long walk begins in highlands and very hilly forest terrain on Lemdalsberget, with beautiful views of the valley. An information board at one of the viewpoints you will find a story about the famous Tureholms treasure. A large replica statue of a necklace from the treasure is located on the roundabout between Trosa and Västerljung. In front of Tureholm Castle there is a grand, tree lined avenue leading to the castle. After a stretch on a smaller road, the road crosses Trosavägen and comes up to a hilly outlook at Smedstorp. The trail continues past Trosa ski slope and the end of the trail at Trosaån.

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Sörmlandsleden är gratis att vandra på och drivs av en ideell förening. Bli medlem i föreningen för att stötta ledens fortsatta levnad och få tillgång till kartor.


You can park at Gisekvarns recycling station


Turn off Trosavägen 219 at Bergs Gård towards Gisesjön


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Trosa kommuns turistcenter


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