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Nature reserve

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Kråmö is a beautiful archipelago nature reserve consisting of the main island Kråmö and seven smaller islands. In the past, only the area's natural worth on land has been known and the staggering pine forests, meadows and beaches are well appreciated by visitors. But even below the sea there are large natural elements such as seagrass beds, mussel banks and black tang seaweed. To protect the marine ecosystem Trosa municipality Kråmö became a marine nature reserve in 2018. On the main island of Kråmö there is a holiday village with cabins to hire for those who want to stay longer and experience Kråmös beautiful scenery in peace and quiet.

Kråmö is part of the ecological network Natura 2000 and is also a protected area. The three nature reserves Kråmö, Bokö-Oxnö and Bokö-Askö form a connected archipelago area southeast of Trosa.

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