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Rinnebäcksravinen, nature reserve

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When the last ice sheet melted, the meltwater carved out the winding shape of the Rinnebäcksravin. Historically, the ravine was used as a drove road to bring grazing animals to and from the pastures. Today the area is used for recreation and for enjoying nature, although visitors still have to share the site with the grazing animals. Once down in the valley, it is easy to be transported back to ancient times and enjoy the babbling sound of the water and the flowers on the slopes.

The terrain is steep and difficult to access, but the adjacent cycle path on the south side and a mown grass strip on the north side allow most people to experience the area's charm. For those descending into the valley itself, proper footwear is recommended - after rain, welly boots or sturdy walking boots are recommended.

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The Rinnebäcksravinen is a remnant from historic grazing practices. The valley was used for a long time as a drove road to bring grazing animals to and from the pastures, and grazing has left its mark on the flora. The area is still grazed today, maintaining the species composition of plants such as meadow saxifrage, dwarf thistle, and spiny restharrow. The shrubs and trees are also typical of historic pastures, with scattered specimens of crab apple, wild cherry, hawthorn, and oak. This vegetation, in turn favours birds such as common whitethroat and linnet. Parts of the site are dominated by nutrient-rich flora including false oat grass, cock’s foot, common mouse-ear, and white clover.

The area is also of geological interest. Down in the ravine, clay-rich moraine is exposed and kept visible by natural erosion - this is one of the few areas in Southwestern Skåne where this type of material is naturally exposed.


The nearest bus stops are Ministervägen and Excellensen.


De närmaste busshållplatserna är Ministervägen och Excellensen. På Skånetrafikens hemsida eller app kan du söka efter lämplig resväg.



Visiting address: Brotorget 1, 221 00 Lund. Phone number: 046-359 50 00.

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