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Karshult nature reserve

Nature reserve

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On the northern shore of Boren, near Motala, you will find Karshult nature reserve. A dense and beautiful deciduous forest cover most of the reserve with ash, alder, elm and oak as the most common tree species. The area is characterized by animals and plants that thrive in a humid and calcareous environment. As a visitor, you can enjoy beautiful nature trails in welcoming and vivid greenery, or head down to the water where you will find a grill and some benches. The birdsong is always close and loud with species such as Wood Warbler, Blackcap and Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers. When the European birdcherry (Prunus padus) bloom, the scent is strong and the buzz from the bees vibrant. Welcome!

The reserve will be expanded shortly and we are currently working on more trails, birdhouses, insect hotels, mulch boxes, rest areas and outdoor facilities. In the future, a new reserve sign and a folder will also be produced.

The nature reserve is managed by Motala kommun. We ask you to avoid cycling on the reserve trails. In many places there is sensitive land in the reserve. The paths also become very easily muddy and wet.

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