About Oskarshamn

Welcome to the coastal municipality of Oskarshamn in Småland. We offer a wide range of outdoor activities for you to enjoy. Take the opportunity to hike, bike, or go boating in our fantastic Småland nature. You can choose to explore the deep forests or discover our delightful archipelago with its 5,429 islands.

If you're into hiking, we recommend the magnificent Ostkustleden trail, which spans an impressive 16 miles. However, don't worry, the trail is divided into 8 stages of approximately 12 miles each. At the end of each stage, there is a cabin for overnight stays. If you prefer the sea, you can visit Blå Jungfrun (Blue Virgin) on the horizon. Locally known as Blåkulla, this national park can be reached by ferry during the summer months. For the adventurous, it's even possible to book a shelter for an overnight stay on this mysterious island! Welcome to discover Oskarshamn.

The tourist information in Oskarshamn is operated by Attraktiva Oskarshamn AB on behalf of Oskarshamn Municipality.

This material has been produced within the project Mera ut-samverkan för utveckling av Ostkustleden (More Out-Collaboration for the Development of Ostkustleden), with support from the Local Led Development within the Agricultural Fund through the Kustlandet and Astrid Lindgren's Homeland leader areas.



Touristinformation of Oskarshamn

+46 491-770 72 (may-september)



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