The Tiveden canoe trail


  • Municipality: Tiveden
  • 6488.22 km away from you
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Trail details

  • Length 15.0 km
  • Time about 6 hours
  • Difficulty Green - simple



Tivedens canoe trail is a approximately 15 km long canoe trail that runs through the magical and deep forest of Tived. Enjoy a ride in a beautiful and exciting environment. At a leisurely pace with a break included, the 15 km long trail takes about six hours to complete. The trail starts in Bosjön and ends in Sågkvarn or in Unden. Along the trail you will find Åboholm's old ironworks, Åboholms mill, the giants chair (an impressive ice river cauldron), Jävrasundet where you can stop for a break and maybe a little coffee. Camping Tiveden or Ösjönäs helps with shipping and rental of canoes. Feel free to stop and have coffee at Bakstugan, which is just over a kilometre east of Sävsjön. Near the trail, you will also find Packraft Sweden, which rents out Packraft's, light inflatable boats that can be combined with hiking. Or why not book a guided tour with Traceless in Tiveden?

Activities And Facilities

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Det går att parkera i anslutning till Getaryggens naturreservat där leden börjar.




Har du frågor om ditt besök i Tiveden kan du ringa till telefon 010-224 86 11 där turistinformatörer från Laxå, Askersund och Karlsborg svarar på dina frågor.

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