Boat tours over lake Sitojaure, Kungsleden, needs to be booked in advance


  • Photo: Håkan Hjort

Due to safety reasons, the rowing boats on lake Sitojaure have been removed. This is done for a trial period during 2021 and 2022.

If you need a boat ride between Sitojaure and Svijnne, you need to contact Sitojaure boat transport. If you arrive from the south you need to book before or at Aktse because it is not possible to use a mobile phone at Svijnne.

Please visit the website:

Sitojaure båttransport Lars and Anna Blind Phone +46 (0)73-079 96 03, +46 (0)70-277 66 88 E-mail:


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Norrbottens Naturkarta

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