Saltoluokta-Sitojaure, The King's Trail


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Trail details

  • Length 19.0 km



From Saltoluokta Mountain Station the trail rises steeply through pine forest. There are several parallel paths and paths that branch off. It is easy to take the wrong path, so pay attention to the trail markings, which consist of signposts and orange coloured markings on trees and stones. After 1 km, a path turns off towards Lake Bietsávrre to the right as you hike. After 500 m, another path turns off to the right, towards the ravine Áhusjgårsså. Keep left and follow the King’s Trail signposts past these turnoffs and you will find your way.

When you reach the bare mountain the trail flattens off and leads across easily hiked moorland. The view towards Lulep Gierkav and Lake Langas is stunning. About halfway to the Sitojaure Cabins in the wide valley lies the overnight cabin Autsutjvagge. The hike ends with a gradual descent towards the Sitojaure Cabins, the last kilometres through birch forest.

You find tent pitches along the whole hiking stretch.

Duration: 6-8 hours

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Very easy-to-hike trail stretch. The climb from Saltoluokta Mountain Station up to the bare mountain and the Ávtsusjvágge Valley, however, is fairly steep. Once up on the bare mountain you hike on relatively flat moorland and along esker ridges.


You get to Kebnats by car or bus via the big road between Gällivare and Ritsem. There are daily bus connections during the season, and a car park at Kebnats. From Kebnats there are daily boat rides across Lake Langas to Saltoluokta Mountain Station.

Länstrafiken Norrbotten website (bus and coach operator)
The boat M/S Langas (Swedish Tourist Association website)


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