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Trail details

  • Length 32.0 km



The long trail is mostly easily-hiked and passes through verdant mountain birch forest most of the way. The trail follows (sometimes close to, sometimes at a greater distance from) the east bank of the wide stream Visttasjohka. About 5 km from the Vistas cabin there is a suspension bridge across Visttasjohka for those taking the trail to Kaskasavagge. From that point the trail to Nikkaluokta continues directly eastwards. After a gentle uphill slope, the trail crosses Vássajohka stream via a suspension bridge. Just before the bridge you have a beautiful view along the valley Unna Reaiddávággi, surrounded by jagged summits. On the other side of the bridge there is a peat goahte hut that can be used to rest in rough weather. The continued hike to Nikkaluokta passes across slightly hilly terrain, with increasing elements of open moor- and marshland. The hike can be shortened by taking the boat the last stretch to Nikkaluokta. There are two boat landings, 7 and 12 kilometres respectively along the river. The boat landings are signposted from the trail. How far the boat can continue depends on the water level. Boat transport must be booked in advance – there is no fixed timetable.

The last stretch to Nikkaluokta crosses marshlands with plankways past occasional stands of pine. The trail ends at Road 870, which you follow the last kilometres to Nikkaluokta.

There are adequate tent sites along the entire stretch.

Duration: 10-12 hours

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Mostly easily-hiked surface, but in places uneven and with occasional willow undergrowth. A large number of plankways.


Nikkaluokta lies about 70 km from Kiruna. There is a road all the way and the simplest way to get here is by bus, unless you are driving.

Hörvalls Trafik operates the bus route. For more information, see Nikkaluoktaexpressen website.

Information about boat transport at Vistas is available on Nikkaluokta Sarri website or by calling +46 (0)980-550 15.


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