Abisko Östra-Abiskojåkka


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  • Length 4.0 km



The trail offers an alternative starting point for King’s Trail hikers. It joins the King’s Trail at the bridge across Nissonjohka stream.

The trail starts south of the railway, where the gravel road from the village Abisko Östra turns off towards a reindeer enclosure and a car park. At the start, the summer trail follows an old supply road from the 1930s, which was built between Abisko and the mines in Sjangeli near the Unna Allakas Cabin. At first the trail is muddy, but plankways make hiking easier. After just over a kilometre, the trail leaves the old supply road and turns down towards the south-west, in the direction of Abiskojåkka stream. Be alert so that you do not miss the turning and continue on the X-marked winter trail. There is a signpost for the King’s Trail where the trails branch off.

Just before the suspension bridge across Nissonjohka stream, the trail enters Abisko National Park. Just after the bridge, there is a rest area with tent pitches. This is the only place where it is permitted to pitch a tent in the national park, except at Abisko Mountain Station and at the Abiskojaure cabins.

Duration: 1,5 hours

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Easy-to-walk path with occasional plankways.


Abisko is about 100 km from Kiruna. Both a road (the E10) and a railway lead here. The nearest train station is called Abisko Östra.

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