Art Loop Spjutaretorp


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Trail details

  • Length 13.3 km
  • Difficulty Green - simple



A number of enthusiasts live and work in this area and not only create art for sale - but also create art from the nature of the Stones, on the stones and in interaction with nature. The art form can also be called Landart, or Boulder Painting. Sometimes new paintings appear, sometimes nature grows over and hides the art. But for those who are curious and looking, they are always to be found. The nature itself is very special in Spjutaretorpsbygden and visitors are welcome to gently walk or cycle around in a unique magical world. Maybe the stones are solid prehistoric animals, maybe one day they will come back to life?

Start the Art Loop wherever you want. Finish it where you want. But welcome to park the car on Stensjöäng. There is also a toilet and the possibility of an overnight stay.

Spjutaretorpsbygden is a unique part of Sagobygden.

Activities And Facilities

  • Hiking Hiking
  • Culture trail Culture trail


Mainly gravel roads. The map is painted in Naturkartan in order to connect most of the areas landart. Be careful when you walk on road 119, which is a bigger road.


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