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Åsnen National Park

National Park

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Åsnen National Park offers you Sweden in miniature. Almost all our biotopes are represented here. Shimmering hardwood trees, vast evergreen forests, lake shores, bogs, and reed-filled inlets. What is unique about this area is its archipelago consisting of quiet islands with ancient trees, where it feels like time is standing still. At Bjurkärr, you'll find a beech forest with one of the most diverse fauna in all of Sweden. All over, you'll hear bird song and see rare types of moss and lichen. Black-throated divers, ospreys and white-tailed eagles nest in this area. Begin your exploration at the convenient and visitor-friendly national park entrances at Sunnabron and Trollberget. This national park is located in Alvesta and Tingsryd municipalities, and at the border of Växjö municipality. We welcome you to Åsnen national park.

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