Västra Sigfridsleden Pilgrimage trail


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  • Length 124.8 km



The Västra Sigfridsleden trail offers magnificent nature experiences. Small villages with red cottages give way to deep forests and glittering lakes. For long stretches you follow small gravel roads, but the trail also consists of slightly tougher terrain. Don’t miss the area north of Svensbygd – at 279 metres above sea level you have a fantastic view of Lake Rusken!

Västra Sigfridsleden is the Småland leg of the famous Pilgrimage Trail that stretches between Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain and Nidaros/Trondheim in Norway. Walking the entire 4000 km is a feat and experience of a lifetime, but a day or two walking through Småland is a good start and can be a great experience.

At present, the Västra Sigfridsleden trail runs from Ingelstad, through Växjö, Alvesta and Moheda and then continues northwards, ending at Nydala Abbey in Värnamo Municipality. Nydala Abbey was founded in 1143 by monks from Clara Vallis (The Bright Valley) in France who named it Nova Vallis (The New Valley or Nydala in Swedish)). Visit the monastery, garden and stables, which offer basic accommodation.

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