Allböleleden walking trail


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Trail details

  • Length 8.8 km



One of the most beautiful walking routes in Blekinge. Lots of fantastic views out over the water along the coast. Oak, beech, pine and juniper along the way. The area is a haven for birdlife and with a bit of luck you might see the animals in the Eriksberg wildlife park as many of the sections of the route run alongside the fence. The south end of Allböleleden ends at a barbecue spot by a bay. Some of the route is very hilly and some sections are quite steep. A demanding trail with lots of climbing to do.

The trail is marked in orange on posts and trees and there are lots of places for barbecues or to stop for a rest.

(Not disability friendly. Many hilly and very steep sections and parts of the trail run along narrow boardwalks).

Activities And Facilities

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Första delen fram till själva Allböleleden grusväg, därefter en liten stig.



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