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Södra Brunnskogen naturreservat

Nature reserve

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The Södra Brunnsskogen nature reserve is south of Ronneby near Brunnsparken. It is a large area of uninterrupted forest with both broadleaf trees and older pinewoods. 

To the north, the nature reserve borders Ronneby Brunnspark, a historic site of the former spa. People have been walking in the reserve since the spa era. Here you will find old paths with steps and stone walls, sometimes with openings for the pathways.

Today Södra Brunnsskogen has an extensive network of paths which links together Ronneby Brunnspark and the area of Ekenäs by the coast.

The most common natural landscape is mixed forest in which spruce, pine and deciduous trees such as oak and beech grow side by side. Only small parts of the area are significantly affected by modern forestry.
Broadleaf woodland is also frequently found, mainly in the form of oak and beechwoods. There is also pastureland inside the boundary of the nature reserve, most of which is constantly grazed. Meadows both with and without trees are found.

The rules for the nature reserve are shown in the link below.

Source: County Administrative Board


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The nature reserve lies south of Ronneby, about 2 kilometres from the centre.

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