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Sprett Bounce trampoline park

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  • County: Viken
  • 6280.02 km away from you
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Jump to new heights! Sprett's trampoline park offers sooo much more than trampolines!

Thanks to a number of surprising extra attractions, as well as advanced technology used almost everywhere in the park.
Bouncing on trampolines has been turned into interactive games in several places. The FlyCam system gives you the opportunity to film yourself while practicing and trying different tricks. You can get professional footage right on your mobile app. And to spice it all up, the walls are covered with unique graffiti, set up by the world's coolest DJ booth (notice the DJ lady!) And added spectacular sound and lighting effects.

Not only that! At Sprett Trampoline Park you will find Norway's longest and roughest Ninjal Trail !!!
And a few other surprises, including for the smallest jumpers.


    Vangsveien 10

    1814 Askim



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