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Until the 1850s, Gustafsberg was Sweden's most prestigious seaside resorts. Royals and upper class traveled here for salty baths and recreation. In the evenings they were entertained with music soirees, theatrical performances and fancy balls.

Today, the entire beautiful Gustafsberg area is a nature reserve. Several of the old buildings are preserved adn still in use. The beautiful, historic environment right by the sea create a particularly inviting and relaxing environment. In the summer, the area is buzzing with life, the café and restaurant are open and various events take place.

During the summer you can also take the archipelago boats to Smögen, Lysekil or Käringön. Within an hour your will find several of Bohuslän's gems, as well as the bustling city life of Gothenburg, Swedens second largest city.

Gustafsberg offers a range of options for your stay, from hotel to hostel.

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    Gustafsberg 413

    45191 Uddevalla


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Gustafsberg can easily be reached by taking the train to Uddevalla. From Uddevalla you can go to Gustafsberg by bus or boat or by walking the 3,5 km Strandpromenaden.

If you travel by car, follow directions to Gustafsberg.



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