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We help you to go trekking, birdwatching, snowshoieng, cross-country skiing or offer you to step in to the world of the Sami and ingest ancient wisdom. The Vindel River and the numerous other waters nearby, make up a fly fishing paradise. We will guide you. Our restaurant offers dinners with a clear focus on locally produced ingredients. Moose, reindeer, fish, but also vegetarian dishes with a Lapland touch.

Ammarnäs is a genuine mountain village situated in the middle of the Vindelfjällen nature reserve, one of the largest protected areas in Europe. It is also a traditional area for the Sami people. There are three Sami villages, Gran, Ran and Ubmeje, nearby as well as several remains of old Sami settlements. The hostel is in the centre of all this, and was used as a home for elderly Sami until 1968. Today, guests are accommodated in hotel rooms, hostel rooms or four-bedded huts. There is access to a shared kitchen for those who does not want to eat in the restaurant.

The Kungsleden trail passes Ammarnäs and the hostel is an excellent start or finish to a hike between Hemavan and Ammarsnäs.
Lakes and streaming waters offer top-class fishing. In 2008 the Kungsledsrännet ski competition was launched, in cooperation with STF and Ammarnäs IF. The race begins in Hemavan and follows Kungsleden to Ammarnäs.


    Nolsivägen 6

    92422 Ammarnäs



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By car
At road 363 end, 90 km NW of Sorsele. When you reach Ammarnäs and drive over Tjulån, you are at the bus stop. Turn left and then immediately right, up the hill, and you will reach us after a couple of hundred meters. There are signs all the way.

By train
Train to Vännäs and then bus to Ammarnäs.

By plane
Fly to Storuman or Arvidsjaure.



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