The Uppland Trail, Walk 31:1, 14.5 km


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  • Length 14.5 km



The Skokloster Walk starts and ends at the magnificent baroque castle Skokloster on the Skohalvön Peninsula. If you’ve walked the two final sections of The Uppland Trail, you’ll already be familiar with large parts of the walk (see sections 30 and 31).
For the first few kilometres, on small roads along section 31, you’ll walk past pastures and cottages out into the forest of the Skokloster reserve. At a junction, the trail markings point straight ahead toward Sånka, but you should turn southward, to the left. The walk continues along forest roads for cars, and turns in the small village of Måttan, to follow the shore of Lake Mälaren, and back to the castle. The hike changes in character here, and the previously easy-to-walk trail becomes more rugged and rocky. You’ll pass two swimming and rest spots. When you are back where you started, take the opportunity to visit the vast collections of the castle.

Difficulty level: Medium, paths and forest roads for cars.

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Länsbuss går från Bålsta ut till hållplats Skokloster slott. För bussnummer och tidtabeller, se www.ul.se


Fågelvägen till Skokloster en dryg mil söder om Uppsala, bilvägen nästan 5 mil.


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