The Uppland Trail, Walk 21:1, 5 km


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Trail details

  • Length 5.0 km



At the western end of Lake Siggeforasjön, there is a parking area where you can start and finish your hike. After a few hundred metres along the forest road, which has a metal bar across it, you’ll reach the place where the path splits. If you turn left, you can take a break at a rest spot with a wind shelter and a fireplace by the shore of the lake. Then, you’ll walk on a path along Lake Siggeforasjön for 700 metres, before continuing along a forest road for cars. Back on a path, you’ll walk past Lake Lilla Ramsmossjön, and reach another wind shelter with a fireplace by Lake Stora Ramsmossjön at the halfway point of the walk. There is a wild atmosphere around the little forest lake and its surrounding pine bog, the 3 kilometres long Ramsmossen. The path back goes over slightly more rugged terrain, with flat rocks and thin pine forests.

Difficulty level: Medium.

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Parkering finns 400 m bort, vid starten av etapp 21.


Du hittar slingan 3,5 mil NV om Uppsala.


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