The Uppland Trail, section 7, 13,5 km


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Trail details

  • Length 13.5 km




Section 7 starts at the district doctor’s clinic on the southern outskirts of Knutby, and ends just before Bennebol’s mill. The varied section passes beautiful lakes and the idyllic mill towns of Vällnora and Bennebol, where many old buildings are preserved.
After around 2 kilometers through the town of Knutby, the trail turns onto a gravel road. You’ll continue across open fields to bird paradise Lake Hosjön. There is a rest spot with a wind shelter. There is a swimming spot 150 meters ahead. You’ll then reach magical pond Stor-Tickuln via forest paths and a long boardwalk. The rest spot at the top of the mountain provides a view of the water lily-covered water. Then, the trail follows forest paths and a tractor/gravel road to Vällnora and on to Bennebol. The Uppland Trail Walk 7:1 through the nature reserve of Hästhagen-Kilholmen starts between Vällnora and Bennebol.

Difficulty level: Medium, forest paths and small roads.

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Mestadels skogsstigar.


Parkering finns där etappen startar i Knutby, vid distriktsläkarmottagningen. I slutet finns en mindre parkering vid Hästhagen-Kilholmens naturreservat.


Busshållplats Knutby vårdcentral ligger alldeles vid starten. Ingen mer bussförbindelse längs etappen.


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