The Uppland Trail, section 12, 19 km


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  • Length 19.0 km




The section will take you from Ӧsterbybruk to the farm and cottage of Risön. You’ll start in the historic mill environment, pass an iron age burial ground and a medieval church, and continue on trekking across the wilderness of Florarna, one the biggest unaffected bog areas in the southern half of Sweden.
The hike starts with one kilometre on streets, lit tracks and paths, before the trail splits. Turn left, cross road number 290 and the Filmspången Foot Bridge up towards the village of Film. After a short section along the road northward comfortable forest paths take you to the farm and rest spot Vika. You’re now in Florarna. If you choose the left, easier to walk route through the natural forests and wetlands of the reserve, you should always go straight ahead when the road splits. There are two rest spots along the (sometimes uneven) paths and boardwalks. See more about the eastern section at 12.2. By Risön, there is a fireplace, a parking area, a dry toilet, tent spots, water (in the summer), and an open overnight lodge with two beds.

Difficulty level: Medium, exercise trails and roads at the beginning, then forest paths and boardwalks.

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Skogsstigar, spänger, motionsspår, asfalterade vägar


Parkering finns vid bussterminalen i Österbybruk där etappen startar. Vid etappens slut i Risön finns även en parkering.


Etappstarten ligger vid Österbybruk bussterminal. För tidtabeller se www.ul.se

Till Risön går det inte att komma med buss.


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