The Uppland Trail, section 10, 30 km


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  • Length 30.0 km



The longest section of The Uppland Trail takes you through forest areas that are practically uninhabited. The hike starts at the rest spot by River Kolarmoraån, close to Lake Vällen, and ends at Gimo Herrgård Manor.
From the River Kolarmoraån, the path winds its way to the narrow Lake Gisslaren, where, at the southern end, you’ll find many good spots for a break or a swim. The trail then follows the lake, more or less, along the reeds through flat forest areas that are rich in boulders and broadleaf trees. At the northern end of the lake, you’ll reach a wind shelter where you can stay the night, and the trail turns towards Gimo. Walking through airy forests, you’ll pass the remains of three cottages before the trail splits in two. We recommend that you choose the easier to walk southern section to Gimo. The northern one is described in Walk 10:1.

Difficulty level: Medium, mostly paths, the last 7 kilometres are on forest roads.

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Lång etapp som bjuder på mycket vandring längs skogsstigar. De sista sju kilometrarna går på lättgångna skogsvägar.


En busshållplats, Kasbol, finns där Upplandsleden korsar väg 661. Härifrån är det 3,5 km vandring längs leden fram till etappstarten vid Kolarmoraån.

I Gimo finns flera busshållplatser. Den närmast etappslutet heter Gimo bruksgatan.


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