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  • Hamgården

Take a few days and relax in the wild, characteristic nature that used to be called Sweden's southernmost wilderness! Hike in the national park on a sunny day in January. Go horseback riding in September or why not take a cycling holiday on weekdays in May when nature is in bloom and the chirping of birds is intensive. During July, many people visit the national park, so then a tip is to visit one or more nature reserves instead.

On the map you will find accommodations and restaurants in Tiveden that are open all year round. You will also find guides to the activities that are open all year round.

Welcome to the wilderness!!


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Har du frågor om ditt besök i Tiveden kan du ringa till telefon 010-224 86 11 där turistinformatörer från Laxå, Askersund och Karlsborg svarar på dina frågor.

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