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Nature reserve

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In the Huvududden nature reserve, you'll hike along the top of the mighty Uppsala Ridge. The ridge itself is a geological formation known as an esker. It starts at Gävle, continues through the islands of Lake Mälaren and ends at Södertörn to the south. Huvududden is one of the most beautiful locations along the ridge.

A 1 km path through the reserve leads you to a lookout point, with a spectacular view over Lake Mälaren. The nearby beach is a nice place to swim and there's a fire pit there as well. Many species of birds can be seen at Menhammarsviken, just south of Huvududden.

Activities And Facilities

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By foot: Section 1 of the Ekerö–Munsöleden trail passes the reserve. A branch from the main trail leads you out onto the headland.

By public transit: Take a bus from Brommaplan, Stockholm, towards Munsö or Adelsö. The Kärsödrag bus stop is located right next to the reserve entrance. For current information on public transit, see

By car: Coming from Drottningholm, drive towards Ekerö and Munsö and follow the signs to the reserve. If you're headed for the bird observation tower, take a right towards Skytteholms kursgård before you reach the reserve.


In order to protect the Huvududden nature reserve, please respect the following rules.

Within the reserve, it is forbidden to:

  1. destroy or damage permanent natural structures or surfaces by digging, drilling, carving, blasting or painting,
  2. break branches, fell or in any other way damage living or dead trees and bushes, or damage the vegetation in general by digging up plants, such as shrubs, herbaceous plants, mosses or lichens,
  3. disturb wildlife (e.g. by climbing nesting trees, trapping or killing mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians),
  4. bring unleashed dogs or cats,
  5. camp for longer than 24 hours or moor a boat at the same beach for longer than 24 hours,
  6. make a fire outside of designated sites,
  7. put up a message board, placard, poster, sign or similar.


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