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Nature reserve

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Eldgarnsö is a perfect spring and summer destination for walking through an old agricultural landscape with flowering meadows and pastures, deciduous forests and beach forests.

An approximately 6 km trail circles around the island, and from the path you can see protected mistletoe in the treetops or endangered insects that thrive on the island's many old oaks and linden trees. For those interested in birds, keep an eye out for white-tailed eagles, cuckoos, honey buzzards and lesser spotted woodpeckers.

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Förslag på alternativa besöksmål

Har du till exempel provat Adelsöleden på Adelsö? En 16 kilometer lång led som bland annat tar dig till naturreservatet Adelsö-Sättra.

När var du senast i Väsby hage? Ett av våra finaste reservat med stora ekar och en underbar slåtteräng.

Eller ta färjan från Ekerö till Slagsta: I Korpbergets biotopskyddsområde har du milsvid utsikt över Vårbyfjärden och intilliggande Vårbergstoppen har förmodligen länets tuffaste fågeltorn.


** By bus: ** Take a bus from Brommaplan to the bus stop Karlskär - then walk about 2 km. Current bus lines and timetables can be found at SL: [] (

** By car: ** From Brommaplan, drive via Drottningholm towards the islands of Färingsö, Färentuna and Eldgarnsö. The parking lot is located on the right, right after you drive onto the road into the reserve.


In order to protect the Eldgarnsö nature reserve, please respect the following rules.

Within the reserve, it is forbidden to:

  1. destroy or damage permanent natural structures or surfaces,
  2. break branches, fell or in any other way damage living or dead trees and bushes, or damage the vegetation in general by e.g. digging up shrubs, herbaceous plants, grasses, mosses or lichens,
  3. disturb wildlife (e.g. by climbing nesting trees, trapping or killing mammals, birds, reptiles or amphibians),
  4. camp or anchor a boat for more than two consecutive nights in the same place,
  5. ride horses off road,
  6. make a fire outside of designated sites,
  7. bring unleashed dogs or cats,
  8. operate motorised vehicles outside of designated roads,
  9. park outside of designated parking areas,
  10. use a sound system, musical instruments or similar in a disturbing way,
  11. trap or collect insects.


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