Tenöbadet beach


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Tenöbadet is a swimming beach with room for the whole family. It offers cliffs, sandy beaches, a playground and a grilling area, where opportunities abound for both play and relaxation. The beach has a 200-person capacity and is a registered EU bathing area.

Activities And Facilities

  • Bathing Bathing
  • Cafe/Restaurant Cafe/Restaurant
  • Firesite Firesite
  • Parking Parking
  • Rest area Rest area


  • Near parking Near parking
  • Near toilet Near toilet
  • Stroller accessible Stroller accessible


Närmsta parkering cirka 200 meter från badet. Därifrån följer du en kort stig ner mot badet. MC-parkering hittar du inom synhåll från badet.


By car: From Stockholm: Take Route 270, exit towards Bogesund and drive on Bogesundsleden road until you come to the exit towards Tenö varv. The parking lot is at the Tenö barn ("Tenö lada"). From there, it's a 200 m walk to the swimming area. Motorcycle parking is by the swimming area.

Tenöbadet is within walking distance of Vaxholm city. From Vaxholm harbour, you can take a sightseeing boat which stops at a pier by the swimming area.


In order to protect the Bogesundslandet nature reserve, please respect the following rules.

Within the reserve, it is forbidden to:

  1. destroy or damage rock, soil or stone by drilling, cutting, blasting, carving, digging, painting or similar,
  2. break branches, fell or in any other way damage living or dead trees and bushes or damage the vegetation in general by digging up plants,
  3. bring dogs that are not on a leash,
  4. camp for more than two consecutive nights outside of designated campsites,
  5. park a motorhome, caravan or other camping vehicle outside of designated campsites,
  6. anchor a boat at the same beach for more than two consecutive nights,
  7. make a fire outside of designated sites,
  8. put up signs, posters or similar,
  9. bike outside of designated bicycling trails while cycling off road,
  10. ride horses off road or outside of designated horse trails.

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