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Eriksö nature reserve

Nature reserve

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The island of Eriksö is made up of old coastal agricultural land, with narrow fields stretching out between the hills. Ancient oaks, often hundreds of years old, grow among the pastures. Being in varied states of decay, these old oaks are enjoyed by a variety of insects and woodpeckers alike.

Eriksö is a great place to pick mushrooms and berries. In the older coniferous forests on the north and southern sides of the island, you may even spot the witches cauldron, an endangered mushroom, peaking out from the moss in the spring.

Beautiful, grazed beach meadows and cliffs for sunning and swimming can be found on both sides of the island. Winding gravel roads and an abundance of forest trails make it easy to explore Eriksö by foot or by bicycle. Enjoy the views from the hills and the silhouettes of the ancient oaks.

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Skyddat sedan: 1998

Storlek: 578 hektar varav land 293 hektar

Naturtyp: skärgård, ädellövskog och odlingslandskap

Kommun: Södertälje

Ägare: Naturvårdsverket och privata markägare.

Förvaltare: Länsstyrelsen

Skyddsform: naturreservat


By public transit: Take bus 787 from Södertälje centrum to the Idala bus stop, then walk 7 km south to Slessberget.

By car: Drive to Mörkö, then turn south by Idala (follow the sign "Naturreservat") and drive towards Eriksö.

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In order to protect the Eriksö nature reserve, please respect the following rules.

Within the reserve, it is forbidden to:

  1. destroy or damage permanent natural structures or surfaces by drilling, cutting, blasting, scraping, carving, painting, or similar,
  2. break branches, fell, or in any other way damage living or dead trees or bushes, or damage the vegetation in general by digging up shrubs, herbaceous plants, grasses, mosses and lichens,
  3. disturb wildlife (e.g. by climbing nesting trees, trapping or killing mammals, birds, reptiles, or amphibians). It is forbidden to kill seals caught within the context of commercial fishing.
  4. bring dogs, cats, or other pets that are not on a leash,
  5. anchor a boat for more than two consecutive nights in the same place,
  6. camp for more than two consecutive nights in the same place,
  7. fish in Boviken bay from April 1-July 31.


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Länsstyrelsen i Stockholm

[email protected]

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