nature path around Mariebergsudden


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  • Length 1.9 km



Welcome to a nature walk by Lake Vättern around Mariebergsudden. A marked trail leads you along the beach, starting at southern Varamobaden. The path closest to the water around the headland is a little more strenuous and natural, but up on the headland, the path has been gravelled up to make it easier to walk with e.g. stroller. Along the path there is, among other things, a firesite and a protected oak. The oak farm above the precipice was grazed by sheep in the 70s and has been overgrown for a long time. Through clearing and thinning, the pastures character has reappeared. Eventually, the grazing and light-loving flora is also expected to return.

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Located at the end of Agneshögsgatan in Marieberg.



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