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birgittas udde (headland)

Recreation area

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Birgitta's headland at Boren is a tranquil environment within cycling distance of Motala urban area. Here are the ruins of the medieval castle complex where Saint Birgitta lived and worked. The castle was built in the early 13th century and consisted of a stone house with a basement and a couple of long wooden buildings.

Moats used to protect the castle from unwelcome visitors from land. Today, only the basement and the drained moats remain, as well as the foundations of the wooden buildings. On each side of the doorway to the basement there are large holes that show that it was possible to close with a drawbar.

1315 was the year when the then twelve-year-old Birgitta was betrothed to Ulf Gudmarsson. The following year, the couple married and settled on Ulvåsa where they lived a family life that lasted for 28 years. Birgitta had eight children and was an adviser to the young Queen Blanka.

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After a walk along Boren's beach, you reach the headland with the castle ruins.



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