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Nature reserve

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On the summit of Storberget mountain, an old and gnarled pine forest aged up to 400 years grows in a mosaic of exposed bedrock and little mires. The panorama across the surrounding landscape is vast. The area is 0.7 square kilometres in size.

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There is a car park at a turnaround 500 metres from the nature reserve.


From Vidsel, about 30 km northwest of Älvsbyn on road 374, drive towards Åkerdal. Between Åkerdal and Rosdal, turn off southwards on to a smaller road. Follow the road for 12 kilometres, around Hundberget, Storbergträskberget and on past Storbergträsket. Then turn right and follow the forest road for 600 metres as far as a turnaround. From the turnaround a trail leads southwards 500 metres to the reserve.


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