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From the mountain cabin, you can do either easier day tours or more advanced alpine tours. It is possible to go to the beautiful and highest located glaciers, among others Sweden’s next highest situated at 1,506 m.a.s.l. From here, you have a fantastic view over the valleys of Unna Räitavagge and Stuor Räitavagge and the Påssus massif. Take advantage and climb Nallo Peak if the weather is good. Then get the chance to see all the way to both of Kebnekaise’s peaks. Another day tour goes to the shelter Unna Räita, located dizzyingly and beautifully near to the edge of a precipice with glacial lakes on two levels.
This is how it works in a mountain cabin
Our mountain cabins offer a simple and authentic stay in multi-bedded rooms with self catering. The rooms are different sizes with bunk beds and usually heated by gas stoves. On site you will be greeted by a cabin manager. As a guest you chop wood, fetch water from the stream or lake, wash up and clean up after youself.
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