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Nature reserve

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In Nakteberget there is a marked trail past the small lake Nedre Naktetjärnen and on to the neighbouring small lake Övre Naktetjärnen. You will also find a wind shelter, a snowmobile trail and a number of hearths. If you should get all the way to the summit you will have a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape. In the primary forests there are commonplace plants such as blueberry, crowberry and reindeer lichen. On more nutrient-rich land you can see Herb-paris, Wood crane's-bill, Lily of the Valley and Alpine Blue Sow-thistle. The area is 4.8 square kilometres in size. Note that snowmobiling is only permitted on designated trails.

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It is signposted as far as the simple car park.


Nakteberget lies 35 kilometres west of Älvsbyn. It is signposted from road 94 to the reserve. From the car park a trail leads up to the two small lakes in the reserve.


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