Trail to the canyon, Abisko National Park


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This trail is "a must" if you are in Abisko National Park. The beautiful canyon is one of the reasons this area became a protected area.

From the naturum Abisko Visitor´s centre, you follow the yellow trail marks. There are at least three alernative ways to get to the canyon. If you have a car with a special permit you can drive down to a parking spot that makes the tour shorter. If a steep slope is no problem, you can walk directly west from naturum. Or, you can choose to go north on a trail that is not as steep, past the youth hostel, and then turn west. You pass the small parking spot and continue west.

After a while you pass a tunnel with Sami decorations. This is where the King´s trail goes off to the south. When you continue west you cross the canyon on a passage and then continue north on its left side. After a few hundred meters, you arrive at the national symbol, a golden crown, and a picnic spot. The trail continues north - but without wheel-chair accessibility - and there is a bridge further north.

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