Vadvetjåkka National Park

Vadvetjåkka is a small national park in an alpine region north-west of Torneträsk lake by Sweden’s border with Norway. The park is named for Mount Vadvetjåkka, which dominates the area. Come here if you want to experience profund solitude, an abundance of alpine flora and a system of deep caves.

Reindeer husbandry has been carried out in Vadvetjåkka for centuries. The national park is an important part of the summer grazing land for the Talma sameby, a Sami economic and administrative unit. In the delta Sami settlers harvested sedge in the 1940s.

South of the mountain there is a large delta area with a large bird population as well as lakes, thickets of willows and marshes. The national park is made up predominantly of bare mountain areas above the tree line. The climate in Vadvetjåkka National Park is affected by its location close to the Atlantic, and the weather often is cloudy, with large amounts of precipitation.

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Vadvetjåkka National Park is west of Torneträsk lake by the Swedish-Norwegian border in Kiruna municipality in Norrbotten county. Those who want to visit the park should anticipate hiking. One way to get to Vadvetjåkka National Park is to hike in from Kopparåsen ridge by route E10 about 20 kilometres from the Abisko Fjällstation and 115 kilometres from Kiruna. A summer trail starts from a car park on the north side of the road E10, at Kopparåsen.

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